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Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, we have seen Zain Bahrain extending a helping hand to the Kingdom’s homegrown startups and businesses. The “Virtual 5ameesna Zain” initiative has been an important component to those efforts to ensure that these businesses can navigate the economic brunt of the pandemic relatively unscathed. 

If you are a startup founder in Bahrain, or own any kind of business for that matter, there’s a lot to gain from Virtual 5ameesna Zain. Just in case you’re not sure how, we have prepared a rundown of everything this special initiative has to offer.

What is Virtual 5ameesna Zain

As the moniker suggests, it is the virtual avatar of the Zain Bahrain’s 5ameesna Zain initiative. 

The telecom giant rolled out this initiative a while back to help local startups and businesses expand their customer base without having to spend a fortune on marketing and PR campaigns. The arrangement goes like this — small businesses from across the Kingdom are invited to participate in events held in Zain Bahrain’s headquarters every Thursday. There, these businesses can showcase their products and services to potential new users including Zain employees and those working in nearby organizations.

However, Zain Bahrain had to temporarily halt this initiative due to the COVID-19 crisis and the ensuing lockdown and social distancing protocols. 

To compensate for that, the telecom giant announced the launch of Virtual 5ameesna Zain. The virtual format basically serves the same purpose, albeit via social media. 

That means you can approach Zain Bahrain to have your business featured and promoted by the company’s social media accounts.

Who’s eligible for Virtual 5ameesna Zain

Any Bahraini startup or business can approach Zain Bahrain to be a part of Virtual 5ameesna Zain. You just have to go to the official portal and register. You will only be asked for a few basic details such as the sector and niche of your business, its bio, and of course, a high resolution logo and links to its social media profiles.

Once the formalities are taken care of, your business’ logo and social media profiles will be promoted by Zain Bahrain to its tens of thousands of followers.

For any additional questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to StartUp Bahrain using any of our social media channels over at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.