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Running a startup can be time-consuming (and soul-sucking) and every minute counts. We at StartUp Bahrain believe in the power of using tools to not only boost productivity but also relieve some built up (but natural) tension.

Read ahead to know about the seven must-have apps for any startup! Most of them are available on the App Store and Google Play Store for free!

  1. Workflow (Free, only available on iOS): All entrepreneurs need to be efficient? Definitely. Workflow helps you tap less and work more! What does that mean? It means that you get to drag and drop any combination of actions, you can make PDFs, control your media, pull data from the web, and transform content even between apps as you see fit. Which helps you create powerful workflows for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Try it now, and your daily 9-5 grind could turn into a breeze (that’s an overstatement: just easier).
  2. Xero (iOS and Android): Managing your company finances doesn’t have to be tedious, thanks to Xero. Xero is the cloud accounting service that benefits every startup. With Xero you will be able to get better clarity on your cash flow at all times, get paid quickly, and optimize your inventory or keep a close eye on expenses.
  3. Dropbox Paper (Free on iOS and Android): Collaborating and sharing information has never been easier, with Dropbox Paper you can edit your documents whether on your laptop, phone, or tablet. A lightweight, web-based tool that will help you brainstorm ideas, capture meeting notes, and create checklists share files and add almost any form of media. With Dropbox Paper, sharing documents is now as easy as tagging someone on Facebook. Prepared with a variety of layouts, you can start working immediately!
  4. Adobe Spark (Free, only available on iOS): It’s very important for startups to have an attractive profile to draw in more attention from their customers, Adobe Spark will help you do exactly that. Try using Adobe Spark, and you will be able to create capturing graphics and videos. It’s easy to run with layouts you can use to create your own creative presentation and share them directly to your social media platforms.
  5. AirTable (Free on iOS and Android): Organization is key to successful work and campaigns. As an entrepreneur, you want to make sure not to miss any detail that might harm your business. AirTable is created to help you avoid that by a database that keeps everyone up to date and organized. Unlike spreadsheets, AirTable provides features like media attachment and checklists and much more.
  6. Databox (Free on iOS and Android): Every startup needs a method to measure their analytics. And what’s a better service than Databox? It allows you to organize, manage, collect and your data through one network on all your devices (including your TV). It will help you save time, visualize and organize your date to your liking. Make better decisions through data!

So if you’re ever confused about managing your startup, don’t panic. These apps, amongst many others, can definitely help come to the (productivity) rescue and boost your management skills and productivity levels! If you are looking for more tools and apps that can aid you, check out and subscribe to Product Hunt.