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The Stories Studio is the brainchild of Saba Saleem Warsi, which aims to be Bahrain’s first independent indie game development studio.

Saba plans to create games that talk about current world issues. She believes that games are a holistic form of art, with many artistic elements combined in it, and that this art form could be used to create an impact, start a conversation and even inspire a positive change.

The first game that is set to be launched by Saba is a story of two refugee brothers. The player plays as Musa, the older brother, who is suddenly in charge of the guardianship of his younger brother, Isa. The game follows these young boys on their journey of survival, danger, and hope.

This game plans on showing authentic stories of what young children go through and the struggles of refugees, as they find a safer place to belong to. It will also feature levels with refugee camps, trying to cross borders or even the ocean to reach a safer land.

The Stories Studio is one-of-its-kind in the Kingdom. Make sure you visit their website, or you can directly follow Saba on Twitter to know more about her future projects.