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Introducing Team Vanguards, a team of passionate indie game developers that are embarking their journey on creating one of the first and top indie game studios in the Kingdom.

They are working towards creating memorable games and unforgettable experiences for the world to delve into. The team consists of Mahmood AlSarhani who is a game developer, and his business developer Noof Abdulla, where they are both working on their first commercially-aimed horror game, Apollo X.

Apollo X is a Sci-Fi horror game that integrates VR and biofeedback technologies. The game is capable of adapting to the player’s heart rates through attaching a heart rate monitor to the player. The game senses the player’s heart beats, so the more scared you get, the tougher and scarier the game becomes. Now that is a recipe for horror!

This encourages players to be more aware of their emotional state and try to control it. The game features a storyline and a unique cross-platform multiplayer experience that allows PC users to play with other mobile players, regardless of platform.

Team Vanguards with their project Apollo X were awarded the winning champions of Microsoft’s global student competition Imagine Cup Bahrain 2015/2016, Imagine Cup Pan-Arab 2016 and were one of the top 8 teams for the Imagine Cup World Wide 2016, which was held in Seattle, USA. They have also been featured in various newspapers, magazines, and websites including Imagine Cup’s front page.

Currently the team is focused on developing the game further to give each player the ultimate experience while trying to raise funds to help complete it. Stay tuned with Team Vanguards latest updates by following their Instagram , Twitter and Facebook.