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Meet, Abdulmonem Ali an instructor who teaches game development at Bahrain Polytechnic to third-year students, and also the winner of the first GCC Game Jam in the Kingdom in 2014.

Abdulmonem recently co-founded ChillGrumps, a fresh game development team, with Faisal Khonji. This dynamic duo has been unstoppable as they are working on introducing new ideas and have two games in development.

Their first game is “Land of Eternity”, a tabletop card game that involves a mixture of luck and deception, which is set to be released in the first quarter of 2018. In addition to that, the team playtested the game in the IGN convention and took feedbacks to improve it even further, also stating that the young ones came with the most creative ideas!

The second game is “RUE”, a 3D isometric survival adventure that tells the story of Nolan, who is in a desperate lookout for his lost wife after an unfortunate accident.

The duo behind ChillGrumps sure knows how to keep us excited for 2018! You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter to get their latest updates.