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What if we told you that you can automate complex tasks that involve understanding, judgment, and cognitive skills? What if you can leave the tedious tasks that are taking up too much time in order to focus on the creativity and innovative aspect of your job?

That idea has become a reality with TAIGER, a market leader and pioneer of Knowledge Work Automation. TAIGER’s main purpose is to help organizations increase efficiency by automating tasks in areas like banking, government, insurance, and others. TAIGER has been recognized as the solution to extract and understand information at fast speeds and in providing unparalleled accuracy in information extraction for industry leaders.

With a minimum accuracy guarantee of 80%, TAIGER creates Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions through knowledge representation, natural language processing, and machine learning. Through TAIGER’s AI solutions, organizations can greatly reduce administrative work, reduce operational delays, and increase overall productivity.

TAIGER partnered with Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB) early this year, to establish their footprint in the MENA region, as BFB is the ideal fintech ecosystem that provides opportunities for the next stages of growth to expand and gain commercial opportunities. TAIGER wishes to scale up their product and service offerings and accelerate customer acquisition in the MENA region.

TAIGER is also a partner of Bahrain FinTech Bay’s Venture Acceleration Platform, a platform designed to accelerate growth and increase opportunities for fintech ventures to expand to Bahrain and the Gulf region. The partnership between TAIGER and Bahrain FinTech Bay will open opportunities for the AI firm to be introduced to BFB’s growing network of partners.

The partnership will help TAIGER establish themselves in the Kingdom and to expand their AI solutions to organizations across the broader MENA region. They also aim to provide workshops in Artificial Intelligence to a range of participants from university students, to startups, to professionals. With the purpose to spread FinTech knowledge, raise awareness and collaborate with financial institutions, and corporate and government entities.

Their CEO and Founder Dr. Sinuhe Arroyo holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, qualifying him as a pioneer in the Artificial Intelligence and FinTech industry. Some of TAIGER’s clients include Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Santander, Manulife, Vodafone, and Sony DADC. Additionally, TAIGER has been working closely with the Singaporean government in many of their initiatives to make Singapore a smart nation.

The tech firm also has a parallel initiative called TAIGER Academy that provides AI training to participants. The Academy participated in the RegFact Conference on 25th of February by hosting workshops on the Introduction to AI, the value of AI, and Knowledge Work Automation. Also through the National FinTech Talent Program, the partnership aims to extend TAIGER Academy’s specialized training programs in applied AI to strengthen its efforts in AI education, upskilling and retraining of the program’s participants and professionals in the MENA region.

For more information on TAIGER, you can visit their website here.

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