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Founded by Devtar Singh, PlantOS is a vertically integrated precision agriculture technology company for indoor, fertigation, outdoor, and farm community environments with real-time sensor computer data analytics and a platform powered by Google Cloud.

The Malaysian based startup, PlantOS, was established in 2016 and after the Brinc MENA accelerator program completion in Spring 2019, they expanded to Bahrain. Their diverse team of experts offers the best in-depth local knowledge of the most promising markets (Southeast Asia, Middle East and United States(West Coast)).

PlantOS’s mission is to empower farmers with data-driven insights that fuel success. They aim to democratize digital agriculture by producing affordable technology to uplift revenue and improve farm operations.

Moreover, they thrive to create an impact on people and the planet with their products. Devtar Singh has emphasized that “PlantOS takes that responsibility seriously. We operate ethically and strive to increase our operational standards to deliver high-quality results for commercial farm operators.”.

PlantOS have revolutionized the way we diagnose our plants and gave us a better understanding of how to grow them in the healthiest form using the least amount of resources while keeping them protected from imminent threats and generating profit. Through PlantOS products farmers have indicated that they have lowered their labor force by 50% due to its advanced and affordable technology.

Farmers have guarded their farms against any vital diseases by installing Hydroponics Auto Dosing Computer. It provides the user with weekly insights, temperature detection and auto dose nutrients. as well as, installation of their Crop Analysis Camera, which is going to provide the user with growth rate and disease detection analysis. Most importantly, farmers have saved their plants’ supply of nutrients by 30% through their Hydroponics Auto Dosing Computer and Soil analysis 7-point sensors rendering 24 hours close observation of their farm condition.

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