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In a digital landscape dominated by English content, Yamama Jaradat, CEO and Co-Founder of Mawsuah in Jordan, is on a mission to empower Arabic speakers worldwide! With over 15 years of experience in communication, marketing, and content, she describes herself as a digital storyteller, consultant, and trainer. We sat down with Yamama to learn more about her inspiring journey and the vision behind her startup, Mawsuah, a groundbreaking platform revolutionizing the way Arabic content is created, verified, and monetized. 

Yamama started, “Working in the advertising and content industry made me realize the huge gap we have in the market regarding Arabic content. We always find it hard to access verified Arabic content in all industries, and therefore, rely on other languages as a source of information.”

Joined by her Co-Founder Mohammad Al Ramahi, they set out not only to bridge this gap but also to empower the 500 million Arabic speakers worldwide by increasing the meager 3% of Arabic digital content. Their mission is clear—provide a platform that allows content creators to monetize their work, something that was notably lacking in the Arabic digital landscape. But not anymore.

Mawsuah is more than just a content platform; it’s a decentralized rewards system based on web 3.0 technology. It empowers the community to write, verify, produce content, and earn rewards. As Yamama describes it, “Our platform is a community-based platform meaning that we don’t have control over the content; we are enablers and we help content creators monetize their content.”

With nearly 300 million Arabic-speaking individuals connected to the internet, the demand for quality content is palpable. Mawsuah’s community-based approach allows creators to produce content and undergo peer-to-peer review processes before publication. This doesn’t only boost the trustworthiness of Arabic content, but also provides a channel for content creators to market their work and generate income. How cool is that?

Yamama envisions Mawsuah as a catalyst for cementing Arabic content in the mainstream world. Their robust verification process will instill confidence in Arabic content, making it a reliable source for businesses and governments in various industries. However, the main challenge they currently face is securing the necessary investment to activate their rewards system fully. 

When we first met Yamama in Step Dubai in February, she was hopeful about new investment opportunities and expansion plans into the GCC region. Following up on that, Yamama revealed, “Currently, we are preparing for our next round of investment to find the right investor. This will allow us to move ahead with our roadmap, and kick off our rewarding system and freelance engine.”

Looking ahead, Yamama sees Mawsuah becoming the leading decentralized web 3.0 rewards content platform, and mentioned the importance, and even fun, in learning new things every single day. Of course, we had to ask her for advice to aspiring founders with big dreams, and Yamama had clear encouraging words, “Believe in yourself and choose the right co-founders and investors. They’ll be vital to maintain a clear roadmap. Always think before taking action, and most importantly, have utmost patience for the journey.”

Outside her entrepreneurial endeavors, Yamama is an active outdoorsy person and is very passionate about community work. Her commitment to Mawsuah reflects her dedication to making a difference and providing Arabic speakers worldwide with the quality content they deserve.

Wanna learn more about Mawsuah? Visit their website to learn more about them. Let us know what you think, get in touch with us on our social media platforms through Instagram and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you!