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Have you ever wanted to book an appointment at a salon, but found it tedious to look for their phone number, ask for their availability, and be put on hold to find an available time? Now, booking appointments has never been easier!

Meet Bookr, a cloud-based administrative software and app-based marketplace targeting salons, spas, and barbers in the MENA region. Having first launched in Kuwait in 2015, Bookr has currently expanded into the StartUp Bahrain ecosystem and Saudi Arabia.

The best thing about Bookr is that it’s not only for ladies, but men can also use it to book spas and barbers as well! Simply scrolling through the selection of high-quality salons available in Bahrain will get you in the mood for some pampering. Some of the salons available on the app include The Nail Hut, Dessange, Tui Na Traditional Massage, Toni & Guy, and more!

Bookr is founded by Zaina Al Bader, a graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2010. Zaina has worked in corporate and investment banking with a background in science and tech-related projects in university, making her the perfect candidate to operate a tech-based business. 

After Zaina moved to Bahrain, she needed her own Bookr services, so she decided to expand to Bahrain. Zaina describes her experience as “smooth and easy”, receiving great help from ecosystem players such as Tamkeen Bahrain and the Bahrain Economic Development Board. She also describes Bahrain as an ideal launchpad, with its close proximity to the market in Saudi Arabia. 

When we asked Zaina what she thought about the difference between the startup ecosystems in Kuwait and Bahrain, and she mentioned that Bahrain has many events throughout the year. Some of our most important events include StartUp Bahrain Week, Bahrain Tech Week, Global Entrepreneurship Week, and more! 

What makes Bookr stand out from its competitors? According to Zaina, Bookr has been able to expand and capture more market share across the GCC from Kuwait to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. “We believe this is due to our passion, perseverance and the strength of our product compared to other competitors in each of those countries,” she said. 

As a female tech founder, Zaina has not faced extreme challenges worth noting. However, she explained that she can be underestimated because she is a female founder – and she has definitely used it to her advantage! 

With Bookr currently operating in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, they are currently in plans to branch into cities such as Khobar and Dammam soon! Stay tuned and follow Bookr on Instagram to get the latest news and updates. You can learn more about Bookr by visiting their website here. You can also download the app on Google Play and the App Store

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