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Dania Alshowaikh is not your run-of-the-mill average girlboss entrepreneur, she’s quite seasoned in the field with a unique perspective on the market and what the customers want plus, need! Previously being the mastermind of Marketing and Communications at Tarabut Gateway, Dania’s immense passion for technology and utilizing it in every way possible to improve lives and inspire change, prompted her to co-founding Daleel.

But how did Dania find herself here, at the cusp of a transformational movement that constantly challenges the way we lead our lives? Well, she started as a brand consultant where she dabbled in various sectors like F&B, advertising, financial services, wealth management and of course, tech!

“I’ve always been super interested in trying out different things and involving myself in different projects to see where my passion lies. At some point in university I had my own radio show with a friend that helped me challenge myself and use my voice to shed light on important subjects that I felt very strongly about,” Dania shared enthusiastically.

Entrepreneurship, understandably, isn’t always a conscious decision. Sometimes an individual finds themselves in the thick of it, born with the skills and leadership, innovating the world one leap at a time before they realize what they’re in for! So was that the case for Dania? “I think I’ve always had it [entrepreneurship] in me ever since I was a kid, my parents clearly saw that and pushed me to pursue it. My first ‘entrepreneurial endeavor’ was at the age of 7, when I used to sell my own handmade bracelets.” Can you hear the sound of collective Aww’s?

“I also launched a small fashion line in 2018, but I never committed to these projects fully. With Daleel, I’m super grateful for my supportive co-founders who made it really easy for me to take this plunge because I saw how well we work together as a team.” Sometimes, all you need is a shared vision and spirit for challenging the norm and revolutionizing the industry to take on the world, and subsequently leave your print on it. That’s how Dania and her team of co-founders found themselves creating the financial marketplace to help everyone lead easier financial lives.

“Money has always been such a taboo topic in our communities, which is why Daleel has come about. My co-founders and I have always been passionate about making finance more easy and accessible to all, so we decided to take the big plunge and build something to help fix that.” What a savior! 

It’s important to note that with the influx of financial products entering the market every other day, Daleel might hit a tough spot in being distinguished from the rest of its competitors in the ecosystem. Dania doesn’t share that worry, saying: “With its easy-to-use interface and rewards system, Daleel is different in that we’re focusing on creating value for both sides of the ecosystem; i.e. helping everyday people find the right financial products for them and allowing financial institutions to acquire new customers.”

Ask any entrepreneur if they would like to disrupt the ecosystem and you would receive firm affirmative nods. Everybody wants to bring something new to the table, and Daleel’s future is set pretty straightforward in terms of the vision they’re hoping to achieve. They aim to create an inclusive and financially aware world, starting with the MENAP region.

“We’re doing things the proper startup way, building things fast and pushing them out for our test users to rip apart. My co-founders and I were clear from day one, we are not building something for ourselves… we’re building something that solves a real problem for a lot of people.” Forget the Avengers, Daleel’s team are the real heroes we need! 

Financial freedom is about giving someone back their liberty starting with the gift of choice. That is Dania’s reasoning for wanting to spread the message of Daleel and their journey to lead everyone into a state of financial freedom unlike anything that’s been done before.

So it comes with no surprise that Dania Alshowaikh, extraordinaire entrepreneur, has a few words of wisdom to part with the ecosystem’s aspiring business leaders and founders! “If you’re unsure about something,” she said, “Build it fast and ask people to test it out!” The quickest way to ease your doubts and prove your success is to take your idea out for a spin, and the fear of taking that first step would soon become history.

With all the things she shoulders, it’s only natural to assume Dania can feel overwhelmed. How does an entrepreneur of her stature rejuvenate and relax? “There’s a lot of things I like to do but do not always have the time for like reading, cooking, traveling and binge watching YouTube,” she said, “But something that I stick to and enjoy very much is working out! This might seem like the least likely way to relax, but taking at least 30 mins a day for myself to be active helps me rejuvenate and stay on track as well.” Clapping slowly, we’re fully taking notes to start implementing this advice. 

Also, *clears throat* if you’re a crypto enthusiast, Dania assured us that you’re not forgotten and Daleel is working on making it super, duper easy for you to start investing in crypto too! #NotLeavingAnyoneBehind

Dania’s inspiring story is enough to make anyone want to restart their project or get out there and accomplish a goal. As for Daleel, we can finally welcome an easier financial lifestyle by downloading the app on Apple store or Google Play. As for us, do tell what you think about this article by getting in touch with us on our social media platforms through Instagram and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you!