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Do you think artificial intelligence (AI) will be in Bahrain in the next 5 years? We can confidently say that AI will be conquering Bahrain quicker than we thought. Labiba, an artificial intelligence company committed to incorporating artificial intelligence solutions for enterprises in the MENA region has collaborated with Bahrain FinTech Bay to open offices right here in B-town!

Having operated in Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and now Bahrain, Labiba aims to introduce its game-changing AI technology to organizations across the country and region. Labiba’s powerful chatbot platform allows organizations to build smart interfaces for a bright future. No more having to worry about constantly answering customers’ requests when the chatbot management platform allows organizations to build and operate virtual assistants on websites and mobile applications. The chatbot also has the feature of understanding the Arabic language, to create voice and text conversational experiences.

Launched by Ali Hajjaj and Lina Madadha, who have both been working in digital transformation for 20 years, have envisioned AI and virtual assistance to be the future of the way organizations operate. Ali and Lina want to make an impact on the FinTech landscape by building an advanced AI platform that can improve efficiency and productivity within organizations.

The partnership with Bahrain FinTech Bay is part of the expansion plan, as Bahrain’s market is ready for adopting advanced technologies like AI, and hosts great potential in the tech field. In collaboration with Bahrain FinTech Bay, Labiba will introduce a localized Conversational Interface and Voice-User Interface (VUI) for customers.

Labiba stands out because it operates in the Arabic language in 20 different dialects in addition to 70+ other languages using voice and text conversations. The startup’s AI has the ability to build a conversation and to publish it on multiple channels and can incorporate character questions for small talk with customers! The platform can be integrated with many features like human agents, multiple bots, broadcasting, and reporting.

If that sounds complicated, don’t worry because Labiba has an easy drag and drop platform which makes it easy for organizations to use without having to do any type of coding or any technical knowledge. Labiba’s vision is for AI and virtual assistance to be the future of the way organizations work with customer service, marketing, and other functions.

Labiba hopes to further expand in the MENA region, and become the dominating company that assists organizations with marketing, customer service, and any other support functions using AI.

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