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As originally published on Startup MGZN.

Once upon a time, two Bahraini women with a vision to open a new world of opportunities sat down and wondered how to bring that vision to life. They dreamed of connecting people and matching them together in terms of compatibility for marriage, and there came to be Na9eebi, the GCC marriage app for people who are serious about finding lasting love and eternal commitment.

Na9eebi believes that real happiness starts with a like-minded match, which is why they strive to help you connect with the most suitable person based on your preferences, by enabling GCC residents and nationals abroad to connect with one another with the ultimate intention of settling down in holy matrimony. 

But how did it start? Eman Husain and Eman Al Sharif, Co-Founders of Na9eebi said: “It all began within our circle of family and friends, in which we managed to make successful matches and watched them flourish into happy marriages. The more successful we were at it, the more we wanted to do more of it.” The Emans saw it as a mission to give back to the community and help people achieve the type of happiness that comes along with establishing a family.  

“Our role was always to help make that first connection– see if there is an interest, and then facilitate that first meeting… The rest was up to them.” They added. Of course, marriage is a binding commitment between two people, so what happens thereafter is work and effort put forth by and between the two individuals to make their connection last. 

The reasoning behind the creation of Na9eebi expands to the following fact: women don’t often make the first move and find it hard to approach men. In general, the region does not provide many opportunities where two people can meet for the purpose of marriage, unless it’s a relationship that flourished from school, university, workplace or within the family community in traditional terms. 

“We both come from a circle of beautiful, strong, intelligent, career-driven women around us who don’t have time to meet people or are yet to find their soulmate. When the pandemic hit, this all became even harder with lockdowns, remote working, and restrictions to move around.” So creating a platform where men and women are able to connect and communicate became more of a focal focus. Na9eebi is a platform that doesn’t focus on last names and looks, but instead pushes individuals to:

  1. Connect with people who meet their basic preferences. (This eliminates the time spent in getting to know someone who might not meet your expectations or agree with your choices.)
  2.  Form connections on your own terms.
  3. Get acquainted with GCC nationals who are based abroad.

Na9eebi was created to be different from other match-making apps in the region, with its sole purpose being for people with the serious intention of getting married. Its uniqueness lies in the way it makes the matchmaking process clear by mainly focusing on personality traits to match you with your ideal like-minded partner in 5 distinct categories: LifestyleCultural ValuesCareer & IncomePersonality and Appearance

Additionally, people aren’t required to upload photos of themselves, for Na9eebi has tapped into cutting-edge technology where they ask clients to create their own avatars that best match their description! How fun is that?

Na9eebi prides itself on being the first match-making app in the GCC that truly acts as a digital marriage matchmaker for like-minded individuals, whilst maintaining a safe and respectful platform bearing in mind the cultural sensitivities of the region. They want everyone to have the opportunity to connect with their potential soulmate, and see their relationship turn into their happy ever after!

So, what are you waiting for? Your destiny could be one click away! To keep up with Na9eebi’s journey, follow their Instagram account or visit their website for updates. If you meet The One through Na9eebi, why don’t you let us know on our social media platforms on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn? We’d love to hear from you.