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Interested in meeting global startups? Rubbing shoulders with like-minded people? Share successes, learn from failures? We are excited to give you a sneak peek of all the startups that will be flying into Bahrain during the event-filled week! These startups will be coming from across the globe to witness one of the largest gatherings of startups in Bahrain!

We’ve highlighted some of the startups that come from various countries around the globe that are doing exciting innovative work in the region and abroad:

  • AirSensa: AirSensa is a UK-based company that is dedicated to tackling air pollution by collecting real-time air quality and environmental data from their sensor units installed across cities and larger urban areas.
  • JustMop: The Dubai-based startup is the largest marketplace in GCC that connects cleaning-service providers with people looking for cleaning services. Using a simple app, you can select the time and date of the cleaning session and can choose to schedule weekly or bi-weekly cleaning sessions.
  • Pingal Technologies: Based in Mumbai, India, Pingal builds products for financial institutions by using cutting-edge technologies. They simplify data and analytics because they believe data science and analytics should be accessible to everyone as it enhances business value.
  • MentalUp: MentalUp is a UK-based startup that provides entertaining and efficient use of technology for children. It’s an application that helps children develop their mental skills, such as attention and memory.
  • Performant Systems Private Limited: Based in Kerala, India, Performant Systems is an innovative cyber security platform that protects enterprises from outside hackers and viruses. They also provide network security solutions for enterprises and SMEs and ensure smooth transactions across network outages.
  • Mole: Kuwait-based Mole is an e-commerce website that aims to spread awareness about STEM through its products. The website also provides scientific tools to people who love to educate and to encourage people to adopt new ideas about science.
  • Geotourist: Geotouris is a UK-based company that is your own personal tour guide for the world’s most interesting attractions, landmarks, and beyond. Geotourist is an app that allows you to browse through tours and seek inspiration from local experts.

All of these startups and more will be available during the week, specifically during the StartUp Ecosystem Tour, where they will be invited to meet the StartUp Bahrain ecosystem, the Bahrain Economic Development Board, Tamkeen, and more. To register for the events, go to

Don’t forget to follow StartUp Bahrain on Twitter and Instagram for the full live coverage of the whole week. We hope to see you there!