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Searching for some inspiration and motivation to invigorate your innovative mind? We have a feeling you will like this upcoming event on Wednesday, 28th March at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain – go mark your calendars NOW!

What’s all the fuss about? Well, this coming Wednesday, C5 Accelerate is hosting its Cloud10 Scalerator FinTech Cohort Pitch Day from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM during the Central Bank of Bahrain’s (CBB) ePay Summit at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain. What does this mean? FIVE incredible and innovative local, regional AND international startups who are part of the Cloud10 program are going to pitch their startup ideas for investment. Why do we think it’s awesome? Because the Cloud10 pitch day offers a unique opportunity for young startups to connect and explore investment opportunities, which in turn will kickstart their potential to transform and digitize the way we live and conduct business.

Okay now, enough suspense – you’re probably curious to know who these startups are, here they are:

  1. Eazy Financial Services B.S.C. Eazy Financial Services B.S.C is a Bahraini-based FinTech that offers Biometric payment services in the Kingdom of Bahrain under CBB’s “Ancillary Service Provider” license. Through its innovative payment solutions and new technologies, Eazy serves the financial sector by bringing a new era of secure and convenient payment methods. Acquiring a state of the art Biometric Solution, Eazy can empower Financial Institutions to enable their customers to use a more secure and convenient method away from the traditional payment framework. Eazy’s ultimate goal is to transact with biometrics, adopting the latest payment trends that will seamlessly evolve customer experience. The minds behind Eazy are Mr. Khaled Abdulkarim Al Ahli, CEO of Eazy, Mr. Nayef Tawfiq Al Alawi, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, and Mr. Tamer Al Mauge, Head of Business Development.
  2. Privé. Founded by Charles Wong, CEO, and Julian Schillinger, CTO, Privé is a Hong Kong-based FinTech, that has an integrated and modular solution which enables existing systems to work together without having to undergo a wholesale replacement or exchange of a system. Privé’s FinTech ecosystem perfectly integrates its wealth management technology, financial product and strategy distribution along with client acquisition via content generation. The integrated modules provide deep functionalities, such as financial data analysis, aggregated financial statements, aggregated personal finance, automated institutional investments, real-time investment advice, data-driven investment recommendations, investment and portfolio management tools and an AI-based robo-advisor.
  3. Alpha FinTech. A Singaporean based FinTech startup founded by Timmy Alassad and Oliver Rajic, Alpha FinTech provides a unique solution to vendors. It’s the world’s first FinTech enablement and management platform, introducing a single interface to virtually any vendor across the end-to-end transaction lifecycle. Moreover, it unifies a fragmented industry on a standardised platform, breaking down the barriers between FinTechs and the end users. The AlphaHub enables a new level of vendor control – A single management and monitoring dashboard gives users full performance oversight of all integrated vendors, down to a granular level. More data means more data intelligence, allowing for advanced oversight and centralization of all reporting and billing into a single dashboard.
  4. Maliyya. UAE-based Maliyya, led by Jafar Babayev (CEO) and Ramil Maharramov (CFO), is a P2P fully Shariah-compliant financial marketplace, which brings together people who have savings and investable funds with those who need financing both regionally and globally. Maliyya plans to use the big data, AI and blockchain technologies to provide investors and borrowers with the most optimal options for investing or mobilizing financing. Maliyya brings significant benefits to both investors (lenders) and borrowers with lower costs of investment, higher profits, additional investment and borrowing tools, and access to a larger pool of borrowers and investors. It reduces costs for investors by reducing intermediary financial transaction cost, and at the same time increases revenue for investors by allowing them to capture more value through skipping intermediary financial service providers. Maliyya also increases investment opportunities by providing access to new high-return markets and Shariah-compliant tools for investors.
  5. Newbridge FinTech. UAE-based startup, Newbridge FinTech Solutions is a DIFC-based digital wealth solutions provider to private banks and wealth managers. It is built on a platform as a service providing three solutions to digitise the wealth platform of banks: Neuroprofiler – Digital Risk Profiling tool, Canopy-Data Aggregation and Analytics tool, and WealthBridge – Automated Wealth Manager (Robo Advisor). Sidhharth Bhandari is the Founder and CEO of Newbridge, and Leonard de Tilly is the JV Partner.

Don’t know about you but going through the list made us really eager to attend and know more about these startups!

Are we going to see you there? Make sure you RSVP to the event here!

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