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How is your business performing? Have you contacted developers and they asked a fortune to build a platform? How about hiring a dedicated employee to take care of the website and app? Perhaps the most difficult part is how to add thousands of items in your database into the website and keep a track of it?

Feehla plans to change that by unlocking preset limitations, this Bahraini startup that takes your conventional business to the next level in literally 2 hours with zero initial cost. All that you have to do is simply: sign a contract, allow them to connect your POS system with their database or let them give you one, and start selling.

If you wonder what Feehla stands for, it doesn’t mean an elephant. It consists of two words “Fee” & “La” and it means (Yes for sure it’s available) in Bahraini local language. Initially starting out as a collaborative project submitted by a team of 5 Founders: Ali Al-Noaimi (CTO), Mohammed Al-Noaimi (General Manager), Yasser Al-Noaimi (Customer Relations Manager), Jaber Abduljalil (Operations Manager) and Mahmood Hasan (Accounting Manager).

The team participated in Tamkeen’s “Mashroo3i” in 2017 and later on decided to enroll in C5 AcceleratesCloud 10 Scalerator to develop, network and fund their business further. However, the concept of Feehla goes beyond just being an online platform that deals with Business-to-Consumer (B2C) transactions; it’s an experience that combines different types of technology and ideas in order to formulate one.

Their services range from advanced online shopping incorporating latest technologies, latest payment channels available in the market, access to local shops and products around the GCC region and lastly and perhaps most importantly, delivery within 2 hours or.

So, whether you’re an SME looking for the perfect platform to showcase your products, or a consumer looking for electronics or simply, the right pair of shoes to match what you’re wearing, Feehla is the way to go!

You can visit Feehla’s website download their app from the app store or play store or check out their Instagram for the latest news and offers.