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Planning a wedding is not easy; between orchestrating the bridal shower, drafting the guest list and running around finding the perfect venue, you’d want to rip your hair out (props to all the calm brides out there). But don’t fret because Farahii is here to take all your worries away, and help you relax and enjoy your wedding.

Farahii is the region’s first online one stop e-shop for all bridal and wedding essentials, from engagement parties to honeymoon accessories, with the goal to provide easy convenient shopping from the comfort of your home, banishing all fraught, worry and stress. 

The woman behind Farahii is Dina Shabib, coming from a background in banking, operations management, consulting, and a passion for planning and optimizing any process. Dina was inspired to create Farahii because of her unique background and passion for planning. 

What made it particularly easier, according to Dina, was the supportive ecosystem in Bahrain. The continuous support and programs provided by the ecosystem players has greatly contributed to Farahii’s success. Farahii participated in Flat6Labs Bahrain’s first cycle and graduated, learning so much about setting up a business and pitching to investors. 

However, the journey wasn’t all simple. Dina faced particular challenges when setting up her website. For one, Farahii faced difficulties with shipping internationally, and deciding between competitive pricing and inevitable rising costs. 

These challenges taught her the biggest lessons, of which she would like to share as advice to startups everywhere. “Have fun with it! you will put in long hours and you will pour your heart and soul into it, but don’t take every setback to heart. Roll with the punches and enjoy the journey. The experience gained is unmatched in any school,” she said.

Dina also stressed on the importance of selecting your team members, because it isn’t the typical 9-5 job with one clear job description. It’s also very important to be careful with spending, because surprise expenses come up all the time. 

Such positive attitude and culture gave Farahii its own competitive edge, through its personalization of its services and support through bridal consultants, at affordable prices, making the journey all the more special and fun for the bride and her family.

Farahii is not slowing down any time either. In the upcoming years, they are planning to be the go-to resource for brides and their friends and families. And one special announcement Farahii wanted to exclusively share with StartUp Bahrain is it’s most recent collaboration with Gifted, a gift registry platform, that allows customers to purchase their products through Farahii, and likewise, creating a gift registry through Farahii’s site! 

If you’re a soon-to-be bride or groom, or know someone that is, check out Farahii’s website here. You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin to keep up with their latest news.