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Technology is evolving at an even more rapid pace than ever before, so far, it has made and continues to make our lives much easier day by day, but, like any double-edged sword it has also opened new doors for a new type of criminal, a cybercriminal that carries out virtual attacks into an organization. Not to worry though, we’ve got great news for you! CTM360®, a Bahraini-based startup, founded by Mr. Mirza Asrar Baig, is out to put an end to those criminals.

CTM360® is a leading Cyber Security startup headquartered in Bahrain, specializing in offensive defense to identify and manage cyber blind spots outside an organization’s network (surface, deep & dark web). They offer 24x7x365 Cyber Threat Management via a cloud-based B2B subscription service platform. Catering towards 28 of the Top 50 GCC Banks, CTM360® now operates globally, servicing 100+ organizations, protecting 200+ brands, 300+ VVIPs.

CTM360® bases its territories and accompanying ecosystem through cloud technology. Consequently, being able to manage 120,000+ unique cyber incidents for its members since 2014, has made it as one of the leading detection and response providers in cyberspace and for the digital domain.

Companies can benefit from CTM360®’s threat management services through

Threat Hunting and Neutralizing – CTM360®’s threat hunters proactively detects, isolates, and neutralizes threats at an early stage via automated security solutions.
Brand Protection & Anti-Phishing – Diminishing cyber threats and protecting your company will ultimately make your brand trustworthy with a positive reputation.
Digital Risk Management – Track all exposed assets and their vulnerabilities via Cyber Footprint, Cyber Asset Audit, Cyber Risk Monitor & Domain Registration Alert & Auditing System.
Threat Management: – CTM360® provides threat management across multiple channels such as Social Media, Mobile Apps, Email Fraud,  Domain Squatting, and Online Anti-fraud.

Most recently, they had introduced their latest module ‘BreachDB’. All organizations can benefit from this service which serves as an online database that allows you to view your organizations hacked credentials from over 100+ websites, 7.11 billion breached accounts, 14 Million paste accounts picked up from the Deep Web. This may help address the issue of organizations not knowing if they are part of a breach or not.

Complementary to CTM360®’s services, Mirza is also the founder of ‘DMARC360’ an email security service provider, ‘PENTEST360’ which offers penetration testing and finally the nucleus behind all three, ‘EDXLabs’ a Technology R&D and shared services company.

“One of the challenges we face is the hesitation of the current market towards technology services and products developed from the Arab World. We overcame this because of a high standard of service delivery and capitalized on immediate product-market fit to achieve market penetration quickly”, said Mirza.

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