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Planning your wedding day on it’s own is a stressful time, add COVID-19 to the mix and it takes it to a whole other level. But we’re happy to see that a pandemic hasn’t gotten in the way of a lot of people tying the knot and celebrating their special day with a small circle of loved ones, despite needing to stick to social distancing rules and the hassle that comes with it. 

Couples currently planning or thinking of having their wedding soon might feel stuck, unsure what to do, and postponing your wedding might not be the answer to the situation because the truth is, it’s uncertain. 

They have ventured, in return, to having home-based weddings; they’re safe, cozy, affordable, and they bring a sense of normalcy in the middle of all that’s happening. Kudos to the newlyweds who opted to have such weddings!

As for the rest of the couples that are currently planning or thinking of having their wedding soon and feel a little stuck or unsure, we can help you out a bit. We listed down 6 Bahraini startups that’ll make your life easier planning your COVID-19 wedding, here they are:

  1. Farahii Shop

Being overwhelmed and worried is normal on your wedding day. Being disappointed, on the other hand, is not something you want to go through on your special day. Here comes Farahii shop to help you out! 

It’s the first eshop in the GCC and the Middle East that provides all that you need for your parties; be it your beautiful henna party, melcha, bridal shower and of course, your wedding day. From bridal goodies, wedding favors & decorations, to boxes & sets. Farahii shop is the best place that contains everything you need under one roof that you can have with one click! For times like COVID-19 Farahii shop is the best place to go for your celebrations.   

  1. Bookr & Bookr Store

Who recalls the dread of finding a salon? One for your hair, one for your makeup, one for your nails, it’s just exhausting. Well, no more! Now, you can reserve an appointment for the salon you wish for with Bookr. No need to worry about the time you will be spending to search for the perfect salon that follows the safety guidelines, one of the facilities in this app is you can find ratings about the salon and the services it offers. 

In addition, Bookr store is also the place where you can find beauty products as in skin, and hair as an eshop. You’ll be able to find everything you will need for your special occasion.

  1. Akalati

Every important event in the world is celebrated with good company and food. We all want a place that we can rely on in terms of taking care of the food section in our events; starting from catering, to parcels. 

Akalati is an app that allows you to book for a certain celebration by choosing the time, date and order that includes the variety of options like the bakeries and restaurants you prefer. Akalati app makes sure that you don’t leave things until the last minute so you can relax and enjoy your day without the anxiety attack. Get your party more organized with Akalati! At your home protected and pleased. 

  1. Eat App 

Eat app is the perfect tool to help you with booking your first romantic dinner to celebrate your glamorous night or day with your spouse. You can book a restaurant you like, without worrying about the availability of the place.

Particularly, if you’re newly weds and want to celebrate with a delightful meal with an amazing view, Eat app is an excellent way to start a new chapter in your life avoiding stress. All you have to do is to select your region, choose a restaurant, check the availability and then confirm the reservation. By that you arranged for yourself a fine dining experience without any complications and concerns. Staying safe and sound during COVID-19. 

  1. Kashta Tours 

A lot of newlyweds couldn’t proceed with their honeymoon due to COVID-19. However, that’s not a problem with Kashta Tours! You can still enjoy a mini honeymoon locally if you are searching for a romantic getaway, or looking forward to an adventure. 

Kashta Tours organizes several activities for your pleasure. Starting from horse riding, cycling tours, and sea trips to “Jaradah”, just keep an eye on their weekly schedule to see the latest activity updates. Who said you can’t enjoy your honeymoon vacation during COVID-19?  

  1. Qallam 

Here’s an idea, to be unique in your wedding giveaway you can customize a pin from Qallam with a symbol, word, or even a sentence from a poem that is close to your heart. A remarkable gift to be given to your loved ones to cherish and to remember. 

If you are interested in pins and creativity ? Qallam presents to you originality in their work through their pins. You can select your desired design from their wide collection or you can customize your own. 
Got some other Bahraini startup suggestions that could help? Feel free to share them with us on our social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln.