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What’s one thing we all look forward to in the summer? Escaping the heat. One of the highlights of the summer is finding ways to cool down when the sun is burning down our necks, and what better way to do that then spending the day poolside with friends and family. But how many times were you looking to book a chalet or swimming pool and were lost in the constant calls, overbooked pools, and scrambled to find a good place?

Kashtah has come with a solution to that problem, where you can now book any chalet, swimming pool, or camp site (when the weather gets better again) you want in Bahrain all on one platform. It’s simple to use, convenient, and saves time for both you and the facility owners.

How did it all start? The founders of the startup were frustrated with the lack of available information of these facilities. It took a while to ask around, get numbers, and call each just to check availability. That’s why they decided to start their own platform, Kashtah.

In August 2018, Kashtah was acquired by two Kuwaiti investors that invested a 6 digit amount into the startup. The investors realized the potential of the startup and decided to invest and take part in additional improvements within the app.

After Kashtah was acquired by the Kuwaiti investors, they changed things up a bit. They have included the booking of camps to overcome the off-peak period of swimming pools and chalets. They have also been developing the system to become compatible in different countries across the region.

Ayman Alabed, CEO of Kashtah describes the challenges of launching Kashtah and how he overcame them. The first was developing the platform, which is always a new challenge and learning opportunity. The other challenge he was faced with is the ability to reach a larger audience, and learning new marketing techniques.

Kashtah offers unique benefits to facility owners and customers who are using the app. Facility owners are offered private accounts where they can manage their bookings, organize their facilities, and save them time of answering constant phone calls. It makes their life much easier!

It also makes your life easier because you don’t have to scramble around trying to find the perfect way to book a pool or chalet. It’s all there in one platform, with pictures, availability dates, timings, and all that fun stuff! In the summer, you can access more than 45 facilities across the country and in the winter, you access more than 75!

Ayman commented on their plans for the upcoming years saying, “We aim to be the next Airbnb in the region when it comes to booking chalets, swimming pools and camps, and we aim to be the main platform people rely on when they are planning their next trip in a nearby country.”

Kashtah’s first expansion will be to Kuwait soon, and will hopefully be of many expansions within the coming years.

Grab your tanning oil and floaties and head over to Kashtah’s website to learn more and book your own swimming pool with friends and family. You can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!