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We all need some sort of a guide to maneuver around new cities, whether it’s Google Maps, Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor or even Yelp, those apps sure do help with finding hot spots when it comes to restaurants, touristy places, shopping and more. But what about businesses? What if you wanted to contact a business or search for a specific category, but have absolutely no idea where to start. Although Google is a great search engine, it will still require you some time to search and filter through the information found.

This is why Bassam Kazerooni and Dana AlAlawi launched the app iDaleel, the first Bahraini Social Media Directory in the region. It’s a free business directory that collects information about active businesses and categorizes them based on their functions. It basically offers you with a huge database that includes business contact details, location and most importantly the app iDaleel links you directly to the businesses’ social media pages.

Founders of the app, Bassam and Dana believe that end users need to have more transparency to business and should have an easier accessible method to view businesses within the region, whether it’s an Instagram business, a startup, or a multinational corporation. iDaleel extends from individuals to SME’s to large corporations.

The app is currently operating in Bahrain, but it plans on growing and expanding to GCC countries

It’s available for Free on Apple Store and Google Play.

To know more about this awesome app, follow them on their social media:
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