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Ever sat in the classroom or at your desk telling yourself, “I want to break out of my comfort zone and pursue my passion” Do you picture yourself with your own business, doing what you love doing? Or have a solution to a problem?

If you do, that sounds like a case of an aspiring entrepreneur ready to break out of their shell! It’s not a coincidence – Because Tamkeen is bringing you the 5th edition of the highly anticipated Mashroo3i Youth Business Awards!

But before we share the reasons why you should join Mashroo3i, get to know more about the initiative.

Mashroo3i, introduced by Tamkeen, aims to strengthen Bahrain’s startup ecosystem. Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, Chief Executive of Tamkeen, said, “It is with great joy and honor that we launch the fifth edition of ‘Mashroo3i Youth Business Plans Competition. The core aim of Mashroo3i is to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth by instilling the values of hard work and determination. Over the course of the past four years, we have successfully managed to create a platform to solidify the skills of young Bahrainis and introduce them to the competitive world of business.”.

If that feeling you have of owning your own dream business is bottled up, then we’re sure you’re going to spill it out after we tell you the 5 top reasons why you should join Mashroo3i today!

  1. Build your dream team – The competition requires a team of 2-5 team members, you will be on the hunt searching for your dream team! You can do so many things by yourself, but you can do ALOT with more like-minded people. Who knows? Your dream team might be running your business in several years.
  2. Learn from the masters! – Yes, you heard right! You will be paired up with Bahrain’s influential CEOs! But that’s not all; your mentor will be carefully hand-picked to suit your business needs! Let’s say your business serves the tech industry, then you are most likely to end up with a tech guru! He/she probably own a tech company or two. Your mentor will be your buddy, making life ten times easier for you since he/she already know shortcuts and hacks when starting your own business saving you lots of valuable time and money. To name a few of the mentors that participated in the fourth edition of Mashroo3i; Moyaz Kassam, an Entrepreneur and a Transformation Consultant, Eman Bu-Rashid, CEO of Keynotes Consultants, Khalid Al-Qoud, Founder, and CEO of AlQoud Enterprise, Dina Shabib, Managing Director and Founder of Etijah and more.
  3. Sketch out your business; this is where it gets real- A business plan is one of the crucial assets when starting your own business. And it’s no easy job! This is the part the mentor will guide you through the process of developing your own complete and viable business plan. From covering the basics like the company background to getting in details like the 3-year financial forecast.
  4. Pitch like a pro – Have you heard of the elevator pitch? The elevator pitch concept is – you guessed it! The moment you step into the elevator, and you look next to you and find a potential investor! You have around a minute if not less to introduce yourself, pitch your idea and exchange business cards. In Mashroo3i you will be trained and have your elevator pitch elevated to new heights because eventually, you will be presenting your idea to the mentors, judges and the public attending the final phase of the competition – the prototype phase which brings us to the next perk!

I know what you are thinking, it’s okay to be nervous! But trust us, once you do it, it will be a piece of cake, and you will be extremely proud of yourself.

  1. Your network will take you to new levels- We’ve talked about the elevator pitch and how it can be challenging to sum up your idea in a minute. What if we told you that you would master the art of pitching to anyone and everyone? The final phase of the competition – Prototype phase, is where you will be interacting with potential customers, investors, partners and more! This experience alone will give you a taste of networking. By the time Mashroo3i ends, you will be really comfortable in your skin when pitching your idea to anyone!

Tamayyaz, Body Jar, and Fannan took home the prizes in last year’s fourth edition of Mashroo3i. You never know, you might be the winner of this year’s Mashroo3i competition!

Feeling unsure? That’s a great sign because you are super close to getting out of your comfort zone!

Go ahead and register here, the deadline is on the 7th of June.

Don’t underestimate your power, what you decide to do now, will determine your life in the coming years.

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