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You probably have an awesome startup idea or already own one but lack a place to set up. Perhaps you need guidance, maybe from experts for your next big move.

Whether it is coaching sessions or a workspace, Kickstart is here to the rescue!

Kickstart Bahrain, is an incubator that aims to help establish and scale-up Bahraini startups through a variety of services like; working space, coaching sessions and networking opportunities on a regional and global scale.

Co-Founders of Kickstart, Eng. Haitham Sabbah, Wassim El Sayegh and Eng. Emad El Kayali shared a common vision which is to equip local Bahraini entrepreneurs with the know-how and tools to help grow the startup ecosystem; StartUp Bahrain, and attract global startups to Bahrain.

In fact, a couple of startups working in technology, e-commerce, sports and education business streams, had already joined Kickstart! Eng Haitham told us “We work with each of them by providing ongoing support, coaching and mentorship to help build, develop and implement their ideas.”

So why did the founders of Kickstart choose Bahrain over the region? Haitham added “In Bahrain, the rules and regulations concerning starting up a new business are very advance compared to rest of the region. It also offers investors and startups easy access to the local ecosystem as well Bahrain being a base to test new products and services pre-launch in the region and globally.”

If you are a new or existing startup, local and international entrepreneur or investor, who are looking to establish, build and scale-up their business in Bahrain, get in touch with Kickstart here.

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