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The whole world is going through some really difficult times, and luckily, the Kingdom of Bahrain is taking necessary precautions to keep us all safe and sound. Lately, the best way to stay safe is to stay home and really implement social distancing as best as you can.

But how can you continue life on the inside when the outside isn’t an option? We’ve compiled you a list of Bahraini startups that are here for you during this time, at the comfort of your own home. Meet the 13 Bahraini startups that are here to your rescue:

  1. GetBaqala – Grocery shopping is on top of the list of the things you do regularly; that’s probably much more restricted nowadays. This is why GetBaqala is your go-to Bahraini startup for groceries! It’s an online grocery delivery platform that enables the most convenient way of ordering groceries and fresh produce. You’d be happy to know that GetBaqala doesn’t charge for deliveries over 5 BD.
  2. Homiez – You know how sometimes you’d go to malls, just to look at things? Window shopping? What if we told you you could still do that, without needing to go to an actual mall? Yep, Bahraini startup Homiez is kinda like your virtual mall. Seriously. They offer practically everything you’d look for in a mall, from electronics to supermarket products, to sweets and nuts, to catering, flowers and gifts, fashion and beauty, home and furniture.
  3. Springring – One thing we grew to admire during such times, is how large and small companies are offering their great services for free, including Bahraini startup, Springring. They are a communication platform between school admins, teachers, parents, and students all at once! Teachers can also create their classes, access their entire class list and student registry, and communicate directly with parents. We mentioned that it’s currently free, didn’t we? Consider it a reminder, then.
  4. Telp – Tutor+Help = Telp! Now with your kids doing their studies at home, you might need some assistance (after all, Maths isn’t everyone’s forte). Telp is a mobile application that allows students to book classes with tutors, and with social distancing being on the rise, Telp is offering video classes! It’s noteworthy to mention that Telp isn’t just for school students, and has listed tutors for university students and professional certifications as well.
  5. Weyak – We hope you’re all staying safe, but in case you’re not feeling well, and in need of a pharmacy visit, we’re happy to let you know that you don’t have to leave the house. Weyak is a Bahrain-based app that delivers medicine and pharmaceuticals right where you are, for free!
  6. Skiplino – While we strongly encourage you not to leave your houses, we understand that sometimes it’s for necessary reasons, like governmental procedures. While most governments are providing digital alternatives if you absolutely have to go, use Skiplino. It’s a queue management software. Using it would definitely reduce your time outside!
  7. Alrawi – Apart from your day-to-day needs, there’s something else you need to cater for extra hard nowadays: your entertainment. If you’re a bookworm, then you’ll fall in love with Alrawi! It’s an Arabic audiobook platform, with plenty of options to dive into. What’s really cool about Alrawi isn’t just the variety of book genres they offer, but also narrators! You can filter narrators by the Arab country they come from AND the accent they speak!
  8. Akalati – Akalati is a Bahraini app that specializes in events catering services. We know what you’re thinking, we’re not having any events or gatherings at the moment. BUT Akalati can still make your life easier, especially if you’re the one in charge of handling your family’s meals. With Akalati, you can pre-order and schedule your breakfast, lunch, and dinner to your exact hour, day, and place of delivery!
  9. Hayatech – We know, with gyms no longer being an available option, it gets difficult to exercise and maintain your physical wellness. But it doesn’t have to be! Bahrain-based SaaS and connected hardware platform, Hayatech, can act like your home-gym. Let’s walk through it: Hayatech provides customized challenges and leaderboards, building a community of healthy competition, just like the one you’d normally have at the gym! They also monetize movement and positive behavioral change through a wellness currency; the more you move, the more rewards you get!
  10. Dalooni – Worrying about your sales? Dalooni can help! It’s a platform that connects businesses to a sales force that consists of the everyday individual. Hiring without paying a salary, but creating an impact by paying commissions.
  11. Nural – Entrepreneurs, this one’s for you, especially if your business isn’t tech-based. With the need for remote working growing more and more nowadays, Nural can be a huge asset to you and your company. It’s a Team Management platform that’s specifically designed for non-tech teams who are new to using project management software. They provide to-do lists, reminders, notes, project management, and private threads, all in one platform!
  12. The Stories Studio – We bet your phone is filled with apps and games now more than ever. But wouldn’t it be extra nice if you could play a game that’s made and developed by a Bahrain-based startup? Good thing The Stories Studio exists! It’s an indie game development studio that offers fun and engaging games around important real-world causes. What’s even nicer is once you go ahead and download, they contribute a portion of their sales to give back to the same cause you played for. Rewarding in so many ways, isn’t it!
  13. The Experience Accelerator – Due to health concerns, many companies have been forced to suspend or cancel critically important leadership development workshops. The Experience Accelerator has a suite of leadership development simulations that allow leaders to learn, visualize, practice and get personalized feedback on their performance – all from the comfort of their own laptop. If you were planning to work on change management, delivering feedback, coaching, collaboration, negotiation, inspiring communications to name just a few, contact them and let them know how they can help!

We hope you found this list helpful, and that you’re staying safe, active, and supportive of Bahraini startups. Have any other startups in mind? Let us know on our social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!