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StartUp Bahrain Week a collaboration between the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) and StartUp Bahrain, will bring together the region’s most exciting startup events and connect some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds through the week.

If you follow us on Instagram, then you must have seen the week kicking-off with the first event on Saturday and two more yesterday, but there are plenty more to come!

Later this week, on the 7th-8th, Bahrain will host unbound innovation festival, which will create a new urban experience and reinvigorate the dynamic ecosystem. The two-day event will take place at Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), making it the first innovation festival, not only in the Kingdom but in the entire GCC!

So, grab your friends, get your ticket, and join the madness at BIC! Let us remind you of what you will be missing if you don’t go

  • A wide range of panel discussions brought to your by field expertise. Whether you want to learn how governments can use new strategies to achieve more growth, or on what basis investors invest, or even how online relators pave and create an online market. It is all there, you just have to name it! From panels that target startups to ones that are specific at corporate entities, these panel discussions aim to bring the different players in the economy together, to understand their roles better, and lead the country’s and the region’s future.
  • Imagine hearing from 30+ influential speakers including, Mark Adams, SVP and Head of Innovation at VICE Media UK; Benjamin Ampen, Revenue & General Manager of MENA at Twitter; Craig Smith, CEO of Dhahran Techno Valley Company; Brian Brackeen, CEO at Kairos; Hala Fadel, Co-Founder & MD of Leap Ventures; Caroline Faraj, VP Arabic Services at CNN; Asma Shabab, Marketing and Communications Leader at IBM Watson Internet of Things, and many more. You won’t experience this list any other place!
  • 50 startups from not only Bahrain but from across the region will exhibit at the unbound 50 MENA zone! This one of the most exciting aspects of the festival, as you will get the chance to see some superb tech companies and startups in action, giving a live demo of their innovative products. Drie, The Stories Studio, Careem, WNNA, Davva, Loop, and many more startups will all be there!
  • In order to celebrate International Women’s day, unbound will showcase women’s success stories in the MENA region through having a panel discussion with five women who have founded, grown and promoted their businesses within the Kingdom.
  • Where is the fun in an event if there is no competition? Well, how about having two competitions! Do you really want to miss that? FACE OFF ON THE TRACK focuses on early or late stage startups who will pitch on the main stage for 2 minutes in front of an audience of investors coming from the MENA region. There will be a Q&A session at the end of their pitch to interact with a jury of strong senior VCs. Huge prizes are on the way, so join the fun and find who is the champion of the track.
  • See who will win and be part of a digital transformation with HACK @ THE TRACK. This is going to last all night, as contestants are challenged to build a solution that encourages and embraces digital payments for a chance to win USD $20,000.
  • Not every day you get the chance to meet world-class speakers, investors, and ecosystem leaders. For two days, you will get the chance to build relationships with other serial entrepreneurs, startups, industry leaders, and investors. Remember for personal or business success.
  • This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet venture capital firms from across the region. unbound will see Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), Leap Ventures, Peppers & Rogers Group, Enhance, Tenmou, and many more! This is your chance to build and grow your startup even further with the right tools.
  • You could leave this event with your next big hit, as you will be surrounded by like-minded people who will definitely get your creative juices flowing. Inspiration will surround you from every angle. Whether you get inspired by the different panels, or by a casual chit-chat, or even by the whole atmosphere and the vibe of the festival, there is no denying that unbound will leave a positive impact on you.

Two more days to go, but it takes you one click here to guarantee getting your tickets to the Kingdom’s first innovation festival.

Make sure you visit unbound to learn more them and follow StartUp Bahrain on Instagram to see how the rest of the week is going!

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Enjoy StartUp Bahrain Week and we hope to see you at unbound!