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Enterprise software maker Zoho Corp. has a cloud-based tool to help organizations boost their operational efficiency and HR management. Dubbed Zoho People, this product aims to establish itself as a one-stop solution for all your human resources (HR)-related needs.

Given that the Zoho People has been optimized to be particularly handy in today’s increasingly remote work environment, we thought it would be a good idea to sit with Ali Shabdar over at Zoho to get a first-hand account of this handy offering. 

Zoho People features: What makes it unique?

We had to ask this question given the abundance of HR-focused software out there. Apparently, Zoho wanted to create a tool that, unlike most legacy solutions in the market, is suitable for businesses of ALL sizes. 

  • It is cloud-based and operates on a pay-as-you-go model. Whether your organization has 25 employees or 250, Zoho People offers a plan that is most likely to suit your budget.
  • Not only that, Zoho People offers 360-degree HR solutions, meaning it covers every aspect of your typical HR operations including hiring, onboarding, attendance management to time tracking, appraisals, and more.
  • The app comes loaded with utilities such as employee database management, attendance management, learning management system, employee self-service, HR process automation, and customization.
  • Because Zoho People is also available as a mobile app, it helps businesses keep in touch with employees even when they’re on the move. It has a native GPS and IP-based time and attendance tracking mechanism for all field agents. It also comes handy to help employees benefit from on-demand remote learning experiences.
  • Zoho People also has a native AI assistant called Zia that can help you with mundane tasks such as applying for leave, marking attendance, and such.

Zoho People in remote working environments

Zoho seems to believe that one of the strongest aspects of Zoho People is its ability to help businesses switch to remote work environments with ease.

Ali explained: 

“Our online attendance management system and timesheets, allows employees to record their working hours from home. We also provide live feeds and collaboration features that allow employees to initiate and join a conversation in a common thread online. New employees can be onboarded without any hassle too.”

Being cloud-based, Zoho People enables employees to complete all paperwork online and store everything securely on remote servers. 

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, the app is also equipped with an Office Readiness feature to help businesses switch back to regular on-premise office work in a safe and hassle-free manner. 

Compatibility with Zoho Remotely

As always, Zoho seems to have taken special care to make Zoho People compatible with its home-office toolkit Zoho Remotely, an extensive suite of enterprise applications. 

Ali assured:

“As with all Zoho applications, Zoho People also comes tightly integrated with some of Zoho Remotely’s tools for seamless collaboration.”

For example, Zoho People is natively integrated with Zoho Connect and Zoho Cliq so HR managers can keep all essential data synchronized in all systems. This integration also enables employees to stay updated on organizational hierarchy and employee profiles. 

Similarly, Zoho People is also integrated with Zoho Writer, making it easier to send standard letters like employment contracts, probation/confirmation letters, etc., to many recipients at one go.

Visit the official Zoho People portal for more on plans, pricing, and other information. 

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