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We guess pretty much anyone who has ever been on a job hunt would agree that finding the dream job you’ve always longed for can be one heck of a tedious process. 

That’s as much true for most professionals with years of experience under their belt as it is true for the average job-seeker fresh out of college. And yes, the challenge grows substantially if you, like many Bahraini job seekers out there, are only chasing after employment opportunities in corporate bigshots. 

However, there is no denying that if you want to work in an empowering environment that offers you a far higher degree of autonomy and authority to take important decisions, startups are the way to go. More specifically, startup jobs are better suited for individuals for whom job satisfaction is as important as the monthly paychecks are, if not more.

We have discussed this at length in our coverage of why working for a Bahraini startup is better than the run-of-the-mill corporate job. Feel free to check it out.

Meanwhile, if you need no further convincing that working for a Bahraini startup can propel your career into a whole new trajectory full of potential, we know just the right platforms where you should ideally start your hunt.

Best platforms to nail a startup job in Bahrain

  1. Majra

Launched in 2017 by co-founders Mahmood Zeyad and Najma Ghuloom, Majra is itself a startup with a mission. The company wants to do its bit in sorting out Bahrain’s job scene by helping job seekers find the best employment opportunities that match their skills and personalities.

Searching for jobs using Majra’s online platform is easy and way more fun as compared to run-of-the-mill job portals. All job hunts using Majra starts with you registering on (it’s 100% free). 

Once in, you are asked to create a profile that presents a brief overview of your educational background, skills, previous job experience (if any), and other key details.

Note that you may come across certain questions that you typically don’t see on other job portals. This is so because Majra wants to get to know you better. It wants to understand your preferences, personality type, culture, value, and specific skill sets. The more it knows about you, the easier it gets for the platform to recommend the best available job openings that you’re best suited for.

Here are the key features that make Majra stand out from other job portals:

Explore Workplaces: This feature lets you filter all nearby companies with job openings. You can explore the inside of their office, meet some of the staff, and get a firsthand experience of the workplace as if you were physically present there. 

Explore Opportunities: You can use this feature to filter all available job openings based on three different categories: Jobs, Projects, and Internships.

Follow Workplaces: Sometimes a company you are interested in may not have immediate requirements for new recruits. In such cases, you may choose to follow them to receive an instant notification whenever they post a new job. 

Also, exploring available vacancies is not the only way you can find a job on Majra. Because, your profile is discoverable to all recruiters on the platform, anyone that thinks you would make a good fit for their organization can reach out to you. 

And finally, Majra has tie-ups with a number of leading Bahraini startups, which makes it the ideal platform for anyone seeking startup jobs in a diverse range of fields including coding, web design, HR, growth hacking, engineering, and pretty much any job profile you could think of.

They also promote new vacancies and job postings on their Instagram page, where you can see the latest openings right on your newsfeed! 

2. OneGCC

OneGCC is another next-generation online job search platform that focuses on bringing quality job opportunities to deserving candidates in GCC countries. 

Founded by Alharith Alatawi in 2016, the company has already established itself as one of the most potent startups to have come out of the Middle East in recent years. That was evident when OneGCC topped the charts in the first edition of the iconic Pitch@Palace Bahrain competition in addition to winning the people’s choice award.

Not only that, the company was also named, ‘One of the 15 most innovative startups in the MENA region’ by Forbes.

As the first-of-its-kind digital platform in the region, OneGCC offers a range of sophisticated tools tailored for both job seekers and employers in GCC countries. At the core of its platform is a proprietary smart-hiring algorithm aided by social learning and gamified assessments. 

Once you sign up on the platform, you will be prompted to create a user profile highlighting your skills, education, experience, and other key details. OneGCC then takes it from there by matchmaking you with businesses that are seeking candidates like you. 

For example, a startup like Skiplino frequently requires design and motion graphic work to support its brand identity systems, video presentations, and marketing materials. So if you are a Bahraini resident with expertise in graphics & multimedia (and if you have the flair to be a part of a dynamic workplace like Skiplino), OneGCC will spot it using its algorithm and flag you as a potential match for the job.

Once you’re shortlisted by a recruiter, they will reach out to you via email or by using the contact information provided in your profile. You can also explore country-specific job opportunities by selecting any GCC country of your choice. 

Because of its growing stature, a large number of GCC startups, as well as prominent global brands operating in the region have already signed up with OneGCC for their recruitment needs. 

Head over to the official OneGCC portal for a better insight into the jobs made available through the platform. You will see that there’s something for everyone — be it someone with a background in engineering, marketing, web and graphics design, coding, business development – you name it and it’s there. 

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So that’s all for today. We’ll just leave it here and let you explore both platforms and be awed by the sheer high number of startup jobs listed there. And while you’re at it, keep an eye out for job posts by fast-growing Bahraini startups such as GetBaqala, Rain, Inagrab, and Tamarran. All these companies are expanding fast and are frequently in need of local talents from various fields. Good luck!