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There’s a new ed-tech startup in town and it wants to wipe out all the hassles most Bahraini students typically face while trying to find the best private tutors for their respective subjects.

Meet Ameena Bucheeri, Bahraini female entrepreneur and founder of Telp, an online marketplace where students can browse, find and book any private tutor of their choice. In other words, Telp claims to be a blessing for all those students and parents who are trying to find the best possible private tutors in their vicinity but have been disheartened by the lack of favorable responses.

The platform offers an array of tutoring options, each from a different price-point and for different education levels (mostly universities and K-12). Using Telp, students can book their lessons with an expert within minutes. Just in case a student is unable to find a tutor of their choice for a particular subject, they can instantly submit a “request” and Telp will try to find the right person to help them out.

It’s a 100% transparent process and user-friendly too. The user interface is intuitive and focuses on delivering the perfect blend of simplicity and effectiveness, the company claims.

When asked how Telp can make life easier for Bahraini students, Bucheeri cited what she calls the three major advantages of her platform: “Diverse tutor options at competitive prices and at high quality; finding tutors for specialized fields that are typically difficult to find tutors for; and a quick booking system eliminating the hassle of finding and booking tutors.”

In addition to helping out students gain access to the best private tutors in Bahrain and the region, Telp also provides high-caliber individuals the opportunity to turn their expertise and knowledge into a part-time job.

Telp claims to have gotten 600 users and more than 700 bookings within two months of its official launch. Buoyed by that success, the company is now developing a mobile app.