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Seedstar summit is back, and one Bahraini startup was pitching amongst other startups competing from different parts of the world!

So what is Seedstar summit you wonder?

Every year around 1200 influential leaders, successful entrepreneurs, investors, corporate and community pioneers in the tech field unite under one roof to share their experience, skills, and insights.

So back to the Bahraini startup, who are they? What do they do?

The Bahraini startup, WNNA is an app powered by Artificial Intelligence, offers seamless internet experience, gives users a unique opportunity to make better use of their day-to-day choices and help them spend better quality time with each other.

WNNA competed against 5000 startups, became shortlisted amongst the 65+ startups from around the globe. Ali Mohsen, the founder of WNNA shares his experience with us, said, “With over 5000 startups from 94 countries, we were proudly representing Bahrain and the GCC in the Seedstar Summit in Switzerland. And being among 65 of the world top and most innovative startups. Had an amazing week and great time with awesome entrepreneurs, mentors, corporates and investors in various fields and from around the world, they all shared one common goal in helping startups grow and succeed.”

Ali Mohsen added, “This was truly a valuable experience and we are glad to be part of this global community.”

In fact, the startups were competing for an equity investment of up to $1,000,000! That’s not all; they were also exposed to the world’s best entrepreneurs from 75+ countries, connect with investors, government officials, corporate innovators and CEOs from Africa, Asia, LATAM, CEE and the MENA regions.

Additionally, the Seedstar summit holds breakout sessions, panel discussions and specialized workshops on FinTech, edTech, digital health, agriTech, IoT, hardware, social networking, clean tech – and much more.