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Cequens CEO Karim Khorshed is now officially a part of Endeavor Egypt, a high-impact entrepreneurship movement focused on finding the best entrepreneurial talent in Egypt. Two other eminent members of the regional startup community — Moataz Soliman and Omar Gabr, co-founders of Instabug — were also selected along with Karim.

For those unfamiliar with the rapidly growing startup, Cequens is a next-gen technology platform that offers unique AI-first, cloud-first, and mobile-first communication solutions. 

Instabug, meanwhile, is an online platform that enables mobile developers to efficiently communicate with team members, fellow developers, as well as users as and when needed. The platform is pretty handy when it comes to facilitating in-app chats, user-surveys, bug reporting, crash reporting, and so on.

Endeavor Egypt is a part of Endeavor, which has the same objectives as its Egyptian unit, albeit on a global scale. Karim, Moaaz, and Omar will now join 24 fellow entrepreneurs representing 16 companies from across the world. 

These entrepreneurs will now gather at Endeavor’s 91st International Selection Panel (ISP) starting Oct 21, 2019. The three-day event will include eminent personalities from the world of business, finance, and governance from around the world. 

All shortlisted entrepreneurs will be interviewed by a panel of experts who will then evaluate their high-impact growth potential. The best-performers in these interviews will be then handpicked to be part of the next class of Endeavor Entrepreneurs.