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Brinc, counted among leading Internet of Things (IoT) accelerators globally, hosted a Demo Day for cycle 2.0 of their MENA accelerator program. The event, held under the patronage of H.E. Kamal bin Ahmed, Bahrain’s Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, was organized at the Brinc Balteco IoT Hub.

Dubbed “IoT Journey, From Bahrain to China,” the Demo Day focussed on the strengthening relationship between China and the Kingdom that allowed three startups from the accelerator the opportunity to pitch their innovative IoT products to top-tier regional and global investors.

The three startups include:

Founded by Pratik Jani, Zerek Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing IoT products for businesses. Their unique solution enables enterprise employees seamlessly connect with decision makers using a wide variety of mediums including computing, sensing, and analytics technologies. Zerek’s flagship product is branded as Aadi, a smart wearable device designed to boost workforce productivity and safety.

The second startup, Kenddah, is anchored in the shipping industry with a series of innovative products that help keep track of temperature-sensitive shipments in real-time. By ensuring that supply managers are duly notified about actionable events without any delay, the startup has already earned itself critical acclamation from industry insiders and investors.

Kanooq, the third startup to have been featured in Brinc’s Demo Day, offers data-driven industrial safety monitoring solutions. Its products and services come particularly handy for businesses operating in large-scale industries such as autonomous vehicles and oil pipelines. The company’s flagship infrastructure platform Nervius is optimized to internally connect all key assets involved in oil and gas operations.