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The Chief Executive of Tamkeen, Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi inaugurated today the Bahraini National Pavilion at GITEX 2018.

40 companies representing IT and telecommunications sector and 20 start-ups along with three government agencies are taking part in the event. The participating government bodies included: the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, the E-Government Authority and the Labour Fund “Tamkeen”. This year marks the largest increase in participation since the launch of the National Pavilion at GITEX, with 20 startups participating for the first time in the national pavilion.

On this occasion, Dr. Janahi toured the participating exhibitors at the BNP and was introduced to products and services offered by them including Cloud computing, Blockchain, as well as exhibitor’s unveiling their innovative IT services at the event. During the tour, the participating enterprises highlighted the opportunities and challenges facing the sector and stressed Tamkeen’s role in supporting the ICT sector and enhancing its competitiveness at the regional and international levels.

Making remarks at the sidelines of the event, Dr. Janahi stressed, “Tamkeen is keen to support the annual participation of Bahrain’s national pavilion at GITEX, which comes as part of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s national efforts to promote economic growth and Bahrain’s capacity and infrastructure in the ICT sector,”

“We are eager to back the ICT sector through providing them with full support to participate in the largest technology event in the Middle East, Africa & South Asia, enabling them to showcase their products and services and further expand their businesses, as well as enhance their competitiveness,”

He added that Tamkeen’s role is primarily to infuse support for the private sector’s enterprises to meet the needs of the current and emerging market and to work in the context of national efforts to build a culture of innovation and productivity through the various support programs Tamkeen provides, exposing enterprises and individuals to the potential of new economies and job opportunities.

Chairman of Bahrain Technology companies society, Mr. Ubaydli Ubaydli affirmed that BTECH is eager to organize a rich program of events within the pavilion, Visits other national pavilions, providing a favorable platform for participants to enter into fruitful deals.

“This strong Bahraini presence at GITEX will also provide an unprecedented opportunity to assess the current status of the Bahraini technology sector in comparison with other national pavilions at GITEX, to identify the challenges and opportunities, and to complete the national map for the advancement of the ICT sector, In Bahrain, enhancing its competitiveness and increasing its ability to build and export companies,” Ubaydli added.

“This Bahraini technology conglomerate at GITEX reflects Bahrain eagerness to further develop its technical sector and highlight its role through the participation of regulator and legislator, the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication, eGovernment Authority, along with the financer and sponsor Tamkeen, as well as those involved in the sector IT companies and entrepreneurs.” Ubaydli concluded.