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Artificial Intelligence-focused technology startups from the UAE and around the globe now have a new platform to turn to for support. StartAD, an innovation and entrepreneurship platform based out of Abu Dhabi, has announced an AI Venture Launchpad for emerging businesses focused on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for industrial and other utilitarian purposes.

Interested startups and entrepreneurs can now apply to be a part of the program so long as they are still at the seed stage in the growth spectrum. Also, to be eligible for participating in the program, applicants must be a startup focused on AI or Internet of Things (IoT).

As for the program’s structure, the AI Venture Launchpad pitches itself as a sprint accelerator spanning 10 days. The objective of the program is to help out budding AI and IoT startups to develop a capital efficient venture which is scalable and repeatable.

There are no industry-specific restrictions as such, meaning the applicants can be from any sector or niche such as FinTech, insurance technology, airport operations, enterprise solutions, predictive maintenance, regulatory technology, machine learning, data analytics, or something else entirely.

A collaboration between the Etihad Aviation Group, Abu Dhabi Global Market(ADGM), and UAE Exchange, the program will kick off on Sep 30, 2018. It will consist of a range of extensive training and mentorship sessions, in addition to pitches, interviews, investor roundtables, and validation activities.