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Elves, an exciting new virtual assistant platform based out of Egypt, is aiming for a wider access to the global market by targeting millennials everywhere.

Founded in 2016, Elves’ primary focus is to develop a tech-driven and comprehensive virtual assistant platform using “human in the loop” methodology. This new methodology, as the company puts it, is optimized to drive machine learning, while building a sophisticated homegrown artificial intelligence (AI) system.

The company’s ongoing attempts to develop a customer-base in other parts of the world was made possible, through a successful seed round late last year, which helped it raise $2 million. Among the key contributors in this funding round were Emaar, Dubai Angel Investors, the Kauffman Fellows Syndicate, as well as a slew of angel investors from MENA and the United States.

The seed funding late last year was one of the biggest an Egyptian tech startup ever pulled off till date and the money Elves raised will enable it to expand its market, while simultaneously paving the way for a new core functionality in the platform.

Mohammed Sabry, Chief Marketing Officer at Elves, claims that the company’s human-assisted AI system is capable of providing its users with assistance from anyone in the world, free of cost.

“From booking dinner reservations, picking up your groceries, paying your bills, to booking all your travel; if it’s legal and doable by you or a personal assistant, we can do it, usually faster and better,” he said.

The app is fairly simple to use. All you have to do is download it from the App Store and start chatting with your “elf”. It is also available on Facebook Messenger, where users simply look for “elves”, and simply start typing away

Elves has also linked itself to Siri, enabling users to ask Apple’s AI assistant to tell their “elf” to perform tasks.