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Aion Digital; One of the fastest growing FinTechs in the GCC announced its strategic partnership with leading banking software and technology services company Sunline. Aion and Sunline’s collaboration will support banks in their digital transformation efforts, by  converging and integrating their capabilities and platforms. 

The partnership will allow banks to install a “plug and play” business model, giving banks maximum scalability and flexibility. Our platform will enable financial institutions to better integrate ancillary systems with Sunline’s core banking system. This partnership will go towards building digital capabilities that allow financial institutions to respond customer needs in the digital era. 

With this approach, banks can rapidly adopt new technologies, add more functionality and capabilities, and offer customized products to provide a superior customer experience. This aligns with Aion Digital’s vision to utilize disruptive technologies to digitize the banking experience. Aion Digital is taking the lead in leveraging new technologies and frameworks, such as digital onboarding, open banking, account aggregation, financial management and AI by collaborating with other FinTech partners and innovators. 

Sunline’s core banking products will help banks to build a strong core system with comprehensive functions which include scalability, strong data processing capability while being flexible enough to support rapid changes in business demands. Established in 2002, Sunline has continuously offered technology advancements to elevate the financial industry in the overseas market particularly in digital banking movement.  Sunline is the only financial IT Solutions Provider in China to be featured in IDC Asia Pacfici Financial insights on core modernization; and the company has been active in its outreach to banks with its powerful digital banking solution in the APAC region.

Being the largest core banking and digital banking platform in China, Sunline sees the partnership with AION Digital a strategic step to venture into the GCC region, riding on the wave of ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative, helping the banks in this Region on their digitalization journey.” Matthew Chen – Group CEO of Sunline Holding

Ashar Nazim CEO Aion Digital commented on the partnership “The increasingly digital world requires banks to modernize their core banking systems, which requires significant time and investment. We want to offer banks support in adopting a strategy to address the complexity, costs, and risks in their journey towards sustainable growth. Our partnership with Sunline will  help elevate the financial services industry in the GCC market with a focus on the digital banking movement. We are investing in the right resources to modernize the current banking systems that help banks in the region to advance their offerings for the new age customers.”