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Airbnb, one of the world’s largest hospitality services brokerage companies, announced earlier this week that its services are now available in Arabic. The move is expected to make the company’s offerings more accessible to hosts and travelers from the Middle East & North Africa.

As part of this move, the company is rolling out a localized version of its website, as well as Android and iOS apps.

Right from its launch 10 years back, Airbnb has remained committed to creating a world where anyone one can belong anywhere. This new move to cater more dedicatedly to the Arab world is being hailed as a big leap towards fulfilling that objective on a global scale.

Once the Arabic variants of the Airbnb website and mobile apps go live, people from MENA will be able to access all the services and features in offering in Arabic. That includes bookable home listings in MENA and beyond, joining Airbnb as a host, a great deal of informative content, and much more.

The company’s regional manager for Middle East and Africa, Hadi Moussa, took this opportunity to underline MENA’s significance for Airbnb’s growth. He noted: “The Middle East and North-Africa region is extremely important to us, so we are delighted to launch Airbnb in Arabic today. People from across the region have been using Airbnb since it was founded ten years ago to book magical travel experiences. We want to create a true sense of belonging for them by ensuring they can do so in their native language going forward.”

Worth noting here that Airbnb is already quite popular in MENA with more than 70,000 listings already available across the region. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world take advantage of these listings every year, with hosts from UAE alone accommodating more than 145,000 guests.