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As one of the largest countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Algeria is keen on emerging as a regional economic and technological powerhouse. Unfortunately, the country is still struggling with hard-to-eradicate issues such as mass employment and lack of adequate higher education infrastructure. And the fact that 70% of its 40 million population is still under 30 has made the problem even worse.

The impact of such socio-economic issues is visible in Algeria’s otherwise-thriving digital ecosystem as well. Code213, the organization that prides itself as Algeria’s first coding school, recognizes these challenges and wants to help the country overcome them by facilitating a higher penetration of quality digital education.

The coding school has recently announced that it is preparing to launch several training programs and curriculum for aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs countrywide. To accomplish said objective, the institute has already joined forces with Paris-based coding school, which will be guiding it through the design and development of different programs.

Interested candidates can initially choose from any of the following categories:

  • Web development
  • Wordpress development
  • Digital project management
  • Data science

The duration of each of these programs will be six months, and they will all follow the “learning by doing” methodology. In other words, students will undergo a combination of classroom tutorials and hands-on practical projects. Additionally, they will also have the chance to work on assignments relevant to the businesses that they could be interning with once the program ends.

Code213 promises that all its students will be eligible for a six-month internship with the institute’s partners in Algeria and abroad.

The cost of each six-month program is roughly $3,700 (430,000 Algerian Dinars). While the cost is a bit more on the higher side, Code213 has promised that it will partner with different businesses who will offer scholarships based on the individual talent of students.