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The 4th FinTech Series in partnership with the Capital Club and Andra Public Relations was held yesterday with 60+ attendees from the financial sector, with leading industry experts from corporates in Bahrain. The event hosted  Aion Digital Bahrain’s leading FinTech platforms, and Daon; an innovator in developing and deploying biometric authentication and identity assurance solutions worldwide. 

The event discussed three major topics focusing on Digitization, Digital onboarding and challenges within the FinTech landscape in the region, and how to address them. The event included 6 speakers and 2 panels and a fireside chat. The event was moderated by Wajeeha Awadh – Section Head of Digital Banking & FinTech in Al Baraka Banking Group

The event commenced with a Keynote speech by Khalid Saad, CEO of Bahrain FinTech Bay highlighting the role of Bahrain FinTech Bay; being MENA’s largest FinTech Hub in the region. The presentation showcased significant insights on the Global FinTech overview, The regulatory regime and recent regulations in Bahrain, and the diversity of the ecosystem. 

Event speakers included Ashar Nazim, CEO of Aion Digital; Osama Al Khajah, Board Adviser of Aion Digital; Ahmed Al Mahri, Business Development Manager at Benefit; Colin O’Neil, Director of Sales/EMEA at DAON; Shariq Nazim, Chief Technology Officer at Aion Digital and Fahad Kazim, Business Development Manager at Aion Digital

The first panel “Why there’s no better time for Digitization” included Ashar Nazim, CEO at Aion Digital; Osama Al Khajah, Board Adviser at Aion Digital and Ahmed Al Mahri.  Business Development Manager at Benefit. Panelists shared their experiences with reference to business use-case, and the necessary steps needed to shift to digitization for banks.

The Second Panel “Taking on the FinTech Challenge” had Fahad Kazim – Business Development Manager at Aion Digital, and Budoor Almulla; an Analyst from the FinTech Innovation Unit at CBB. The Panel shared real-life examples and a crisp set of recommendations for what is needed immediately, short term and in the real future to address the FinTech challenges. 

The event concluded with a Fireside Chat between Shariq Nazim, Chief Digital Officer at Aion Digital and Colin O’Neil, Director of Sales/EMEA at DAON discussing Digital Onboarding and addressing the question “Is all Digital Onboarding the same?” sharing insights on the different types, the challenges and what the process entails.