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Tech entrepreneurs in the Middle East, brace yourself for some exciting opportunities as Global tech community platform AngelHack prepares to come to the region as part of its Global Hackathon series. The objective is clear — to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and technology-centric entrepreneurs around the world, including the Middle East.

There will be two separate events in the ME this year — one in Dubai and the other in Ramallah.

Dubbed “Seamless Technology,” to the Dubai and Ramallah hackathons have called upon participants to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Create “something innovative without limits,” is the message passed on by the organizers of the hackathons scheduled on Aug 3 – 4 (Dubai), Aug 9 -10 (Ramallah). The Dubai event will take place at DTEC Technohub in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis, whereas the designated venue for the one in Ramallah is at Bank of Palestine. In both places, the two-day event will bring along various activities such as workshops, coding sessions, team building sessions, as well as final demo and presentations.

Judges will determine the overall quality of each project based on criteria such as the “fundability” of the idea, the manner in which it is (or can be) implemented, originality, scalability, and end-to-end user experience.

While AngelHack is encouraging interested innovators of all genders, ages, and skill set to come forth and take part in the hackathon, the program is accepting applications just on solo-basis, or in teams of five members or less.