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Batelco, one of the leading digital solutions provider in Bahrain and Arab Financial Services (AFS), a top payment service provider signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to introduce the unique mobile wallet solution in Bahrain.

The MoU was signed by AFS Chairman Sael Al Waary and Batelco CEO Muna Al Hashemi at Batelco headquarters in Hamala.

The mobile wallet will be of a convenient service that’s also going to accelerate Bahrain’s path towards a cashless digital society. Consumers and merchants are going to benefit from the added security. The features of the mobile wallet include person-to-person money transfers and loyalty points in a secure and convenient manner. It will also utilize the latest Quick Response (QR) technology and have near field communication (NFC) capability which allows customers to tap and pay at any participating outlets.

Muna Al Hashemi said: “We are very excited to partner with AFS to launch the mobile wallet solution in Bahrain. This will enhance the lifestyles of customers by providing a convenient cashless, secure and agile payment method.”

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