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Jordan-based Mawdoo3 has confirmed a rather successful ending to their recent Series B round after scoring an additional $10 million in the last leg. With this, the net raised during the round has shot up to $23.5 million.

A number of global investors participated in the round, including Kingsway Capital, Endeavor Catalyst (US), Endure Capital (US), Equitrust (UAE), and AdamTech Ventures (Jordan).

Mawdoo3 is an Arabic online encyclopedia modeled after Co-founders Rami Al-Qawasmi and Mohammad Jaber launched the company with the vision of providing high-quality Arabic content that people from across the world could benefit from. It’s essentially a formidable component in the broader efforts of meeting the ever-growing demand for quality Arabic content (which used to be very scarce until a few years back).

As of today, Mawdoo3 claims to draw 50 million unique visitors every month. The company now plans on focusing on its next big project, Ujeeb.

Ujeeb will enable Arabic internet users to ask questions concerning any discipline and receive detailed answers from experts and community members. Dr. Jaber, one of the co-founders of Mawdoo3 has stated that the newly raised funds will be used to launch Ujeeb in the coming months.

He noted: “We believe that Ujeeb will fulfill a vital need in the Arab world through a unique, more interactive type of Arabic content that, our flagship website, does not cover. The Ujeeb platform was launched to complement the approach we had started with the establishment of, allowing us to address both general and very specialized topics through a personalized knowledge-sharing experience.”

Dr. Jaber also said that Ujeeb will have a pretty sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) system working at the backend for ensuring customized and optimal browsing experience for visitors.