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Amazon Web Services and Intel have joined forces to bring forth a competition that aims to identify business leaders who are shaping society today with their unique disruptive ways. Dubbed the City on a Cloud, the competition is on its sixth leg this year and it promises to continue rewarding those who have positively impacted the region’s communities. 

The competition this year is expected to be even more intense than yesteryears considering that the COVID-19 crisis has pushed the need for innovation and sustainable business models even higher than at any point in the recent past.

The competition is open to all government entities, startups, healthcare institutions, AWS partners, as well as ISVs supporting these institutions. 

There will be four award categories in total including:

  • The AWS Quality of Life Award: For public sector institutions running innovative projects on the cloud.
  • The AWS Shape Your Future Award: For public sector organizations promoting growth and transformation.
  • The AWS Bright Futures Award: For private sector organizations.
  • The AWS Gamechangers Award: For both private and public sectors.

Visit the official City on a Cloud portal for more details and to apply to be a part of the competition.