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Bahrain has announced the ‘iFactories’ initiative, a groundbreaking national effort geared towards propelling the industrial sector into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). This strategic move underlines Bahrain’s commitment to technological advancement and economic growth.

With a strategic alliance between the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and The Labour Fund (Tamkeen), iFactories seeks to assess and evaluate factory readiness, gauge digital maturity, and enable investment in technology and automation – a cornerstone of the industrial sector’s roadmap for 2026.

His Excellency the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro, highlighted the initiative’s mission to infuse smart capabilities in the manufacturing industry. The goal is to bolster efficiency, reduce reliance on unskilled labor and harness the power of automation and cutting-edge technologies, thus ushering in a new wave of employment opportunities.

Speaking on the partnership, Maha Mofeez, CEO of Tamkeen, emphasized the initiative’s alignment with their mission of fostering private sector-driven economic growth. This collaboration not only advances Bahrain’s industrial modernization agenda, but also furthers local enterprises towards innovative solutions, bolstering productivity and sustainable business strategies. The anticipated ripple effect includes heightened economic contributions and the creation of value-added jobs.

Dr. Khaled Fahad Al Alawi, Assistant Undersecretary for Industrial Development, provided insights into the iFactories framework. Based on the SIRI index, a global standard for evaluating Fourth Industrial Revolution practices, the initiative encompasses four pivotal stages. From self-evaluation and advisory support to digital transformation planning and, eventually, performance monitoring and enhancement, the journey promises to revolutionize Bahrain’s manufacturing landscape.

The iFactories initiative stands as Bahrain’s resolute stride into a future where innovation converges with industry, promising not just industrial transformation, but also fresh avenues of employment and growth.