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Bahrain-based digital EAP startup ‘Saaya Health’ has been on top of its game to ensure online and affordable mental health services’ accessibility to both individuals and corporates since 2018.

As of this year’s February, Saaya witnessed a spike in demand for services related to mental health, due to the widespread of the Coronavirus in Pakistan. Highlighting February, the startup signed MoUs with Bayer Pharma and Engro Corp; both considered moguls in their industries.

Throughout the upcoming months, Saaya provided employees of these companies with access to high-quality mental health services.

As of today, Saaya serves a group of more than 700,00 people with technology that’s developed to increase access to mental health. This supports the startup’s latter half f the year objective in signing major corporate clients from the UK.

Consecutively, the boom in demand for access in such services is explainable through the lifestyle changes that the Coronavirus imposed on everyone to adopt. In further support of this statement, WHO recently declared that the next pandemic will be a mental health one. The Kaiser Family Foundation, on the other hand, reports that around half of adults in the United States of America have linked the decline of their mental health due to the isolation restrictions, high unemployment, and increased stressed.

Sarmad Ahmed, Founder of Saaya Health Tech has shared: “We all have emotions and our emotions dictate our actions – we are just now beginning to realise this on a very personal level. For two years, we laid the foundations, building our global network of multi-lingual therapists,”

He further elaborated: “Therapists who speak regional languages —  Arabic, French, and Urdu among a dozen more – are now we are beginning to reap the rewards of being prepared.” 

Saaya Health is positioned for regional growth and is gearing up to launch a B2C channel – aimed at affordable, culturally relevant mental health.

For more information on how your company can benefit from Saaya services: