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Bahrain Development Bank (BDB) has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Export Bahrain. This collaboration aims to introduce export and supply chain finance services, providing SMEs with the financial resources needed to thrive on the international stage.

The newly launched financing services are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of SMEs, offering competitive interest rates to support their journey into global markets. With a focus on facilitating international product and service exports, this initiative aligns seamlessly with the SMEs Development Board’s 2022-2026 Strategy, aiming to foster a vibrant ecosystem of thriving businesses.

Dalal Al Qais, CEO of BDB Group, emphasized the bank’s commitment to nurturing the growth of Bahraini companies, particularly SMEs, by delivering bespoke financial solutions. She highlighted, “Through this partnership, we aspire to enable SMEs to access export financing at preferential rates, ultimately improving their production lines and enhancing their competitiveness in international markets.”

Safa Abdulkhaliq, CEO of Export Bahrain, echoed this sentiment, affirming the agency’s dedication to addressing the diverse export challenges faced by businesses. Through strategic partnerships with local institutions like BDB, Export Bahrain aims to provide accessible and affordable financial solutions, ensuring that Bahraini SMEs can seize global trade opportunities and expand their reach effectively.

For SMEs eager to capitalize on international trade growth prospects through supply chain financing, BDB encourages them to reach out to Export Bahrain for further assistance. This strategic alliance between BDB and Export Bahrain marks a significant milestone in the journey to empower Bahraini SMEs, paving the way for enhanced global competitiveness and sustainable growth.