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Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB) and the FinTech Consortium (FTC) have announced a strategic partnership with the US-based B2B FinTech startup RobustWealth.

In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, RobustWealth happens to be one of the most promising wealth and investment management technology startups around today. In its short span of existence, the company worked towards reducing the need for human intervention in financial decision making.

Robust Wealth makes use of innovative robo-advisory technology that deploys mathematical algorithms to automate investment and wealth management decisions. The company’s homegrown platform brings a rather extensive suite of operational tech and trading features to wealth managers. These include automated portfolio allocations and rebalancing, risk management profiling, complete private labeling, and other administrative functions.

“We are excited to launch RobustWealth’s platform at Bahrain Fintech Bay, and believe this technology, which digitizes the wealth management value chain, will innovate and strengthen the positioning of the Bahraini and GCC wealth management sector. The RobustWealth platform is one of the best we have tested,” Maissan Al Maskati, Chairman of Fintech Consortium Bahrain, said while explaining the decision to go in for the new strategic partnership.

Al Maskati added that the agreement with the BFB and FTC will provide RobustWealth with all the support it requires to expand in Bahrain and the rest of the GCC region.

Acknowledging the significance of the new partnership, Rick Frisbie, Chairman of RobustWealth stated that it’s an important milestone in RobustWealth’s development, that gives the company an opportunity to extend its capabilities while helping it to expand to new areas.

“RobustWealth looks forward to working with our partners at Bahrain Fintech Bay and deploying our technology in one of the world’s fastest growing wealth management markets,” Frisbie said.