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Come February 27, Four Seasons Hotel in Bahrain Bay will be teeming with delegates and visitors representing the banking and regulation sectors, key government offices, and private sector entities. They will be there to attend the OpenX 2020 conference hosted by Bahrain FinTech Bay, the first-of-its-kind FinTech hub in MENA.

The timing of the open banking conference is from 08:00 to 15:30 hours and it will include more than 25 speakers shedding their insights into key issues on topics such as banking and financial regulations, APIs and data protection, monetization of open banking, and so on.

Among the key attendees will be leaders and innovators representing leading banks, financial services providers, FinTech firms, and big tech companies. 

The conference will particularly focus on various cutting-edge Open Banking Technologies and trends. Attendees can also leverage the conference’s reach by networking with potential clients, suppliers, or partners. In fact, OpenX 2020 will also include a dedicated networking session just to facilitate such an environment.

Commenting on the vision powering OpenX 2020, Bahrain FinTech Bay CEO Khalid Saad said: “As part of its continued efforts to develop a world-class and forward-looking FinTech regulations, Bahrain has become the first country in the Middle East to embrace Open Banking at a national level. Open Banking is transforming the way financial institutions operate and interact with their customers.”

He added: “OpenX aims to be the platform that brings together different stakeholders to shed light on this new paradigm and explore collaborative opportunities.”

You can visit the official OpenX 2020 website for tickets and other event-related information.