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Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB) has announced that it will be hosting two additional events in 2018: BlockOn on July 18, and InsurByte on Sep 27.

BlockOn is a dedicated blockchain and cryptocurrency platform for corporate incubation projects comprising of seminars, panels, fireside chats, and keynotes along with roundtable meetups and demonstrations from the blockchain community in the Arab world and beyond.

The goal of the platform is to facilitate an easy exchange of knowledge while fostering synergies among industry stakeholders to find innovative solutions and promote cutting-edge blockchain practices in an open, transparent, and collaborative way.

Meanwhile, InsurByte 2018, is a conference where leading insurance providers in the region will get together for exchanging knowledge and discussing innovative solutions that could transform the industry and help it attain new heights. The event will see live demonstrations from an array of the latest innovations and applications in the insurance industry.

BFB announced, “From keynote speeches to fireside chats, panels, showcases, startup pitches and users’ cases from entrepreneurs and insurance professionals within the InsurTech ecosystem, join us in the inaugural global event focused on insurance & technology.”