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As originally published on Startup MGZN.

Bahrain has a big enough talent pool to enact and operationalize a skilled cybersecurity workforce, noted a top expert in the field earlier this week. 

The Kingdom has plenty of qualified individuals in its student community, as well as police and military agencies to serve the cause. This observation came from Anil Kumar Jayaprakash, founder and president of the US-based cybersecurity and AI intelligence firm, Cyber Chasse.

Jayaprakash made this remark during an interview with the GDN. He also stated that whatever skill shortage Bahrain and the broader region currently has in the field of cybersecurity can be resolved with a strategic approach.

“What is needed is a comprehensive cybersecurity training methodology aimed at creating opportunities for learners in Bahrain and GCC is in adherence with the changing cyberworld. It should encompass courses on critical security controls, ethical hacking, network and wireless security and mobile security,” he added.

Cyber Chasse has already started its operations in the region and it will be sponsoring the MENA Royal Investment Summit 2021, to be held in Bahrain in June.

Jayaprakash’s remark follows recent reports that claim the GCC region has faced more than 56 million URL, mail, and banking malware attacks since the beginning of the pandemic.

He pointed out, “Businesses are speeding up their digital transformations, and cybersecurity has become a major concern.”

He also pointed out that many companies are still clinging onto obsolete data protection and IT security measures, which is a major concern particularly now as the pandemic has forced businesses across the spectrum to expedite their digital transformation processes.