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Preparations for the 11th edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress are in full swing in Bahrain after the Kingdom was named the host country for the event by the United Nations.

The task of overseeing the preparations lies on the recently set up Bahraini chapter of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). According to Tamkeen chief executive Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, the primary objective of GEN Bahrain is to strengthen the Kingdom’s startup community by regularly engaging entrepreneurs and ecosystem stakeholders.

This, he said, is in line with Tamkeen’s strategic objectives of helping build and nurture an innovation-driven entrepreneurship ecosystem. “Achieving sustainable economic growth is a top priority for national development. Bahrain’s Leadership has introduced a number of key reform initiatives to support economic diversification and openness as well as the development of non-oil sectors, the enhancement of the Bahraini entrepreneurship ecosystem and the attraction of foreign investment,” said Dr. Janahi.

GEN Bahrain’s strategic roadmap comprises the following goals:

  • To coordinate and promote homegrown initiatives with the potential to benefit Bahrain’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • To ally with local stakeholders for expediting the implementation of GEN programs.
  • Collaborating with the stakeholders of Bahrain’s homegrown entrepreneurial scene to spot challenges and prepare innovative strategies for ensuring a sustainable development cycle for budding businesses.
  • Encouraging the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and self-employment to draw more talent to the scene and contribute to the ongoing efforts to further strengthen Bahrain’s private sector as a vital engine of growth.

The Global Entrepreneurship Network launched GEN Bahrain in collaboration with Tamkeen, which is also serving as a strategic partner of GEC 2019.

With its presence in more than 170 countries, GEN is dedicated to helping build and nurture entrepreneurial ecosystems by facilitating cross-border collaborations and information exchanges, among other initiatives.