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The 2nd Annual Islamic Finance Innovation Day (IFID) Forum – “Next Generation Finnovators” is gearing up to welcome more than 150 rising stars and industry experts from across the Islamic finance industry and rapidly developing FinTech sector to explore the role and impact that young professionals can have in driving and capturing the opportunities presented by the rapid development of FinTech by financial institutions and consumers of financial products and services around the world.

The event, which is taking place on the 26th of November 2018 at 2pm at the Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay, is being held in Strategic Partnership with the Bahrain Economic Development Board and will feature participation from some of the best known regional and global Islamic financial organisations and related parties involved in the development of the Islamic FinTech ecosystem.

These include: Al Baraka Banking Group, Bahrain Economic Development Board, Bahrain Islamic Bank, Bahrain FinTech Bay, Casablanca Finance City, Central Bank of Bahrain, Centre for Islamic Finance, BIBF, Ethis Group of Companies, Finocracy, Fintech Bazaar, Gulf International Bank, Oracle Financial Services, Global University of Islamic Finance, Malaysia, Thomson Reuters, UK Islamic Finance Panel and Waqfe, among others.

The Forum aims to bring a fresh perspective into the Islamic Fintech debate by giving a platform to next-generation leaders alongside more seasoned innovation, strategy and human resources professionals from across the industry.

Discussions will be set around three expert-moderated, interactive panels focusing on: Accelerating Fintech Adoption, Educating, Empowering and Leveraging the Power of Young Professionals and Islamic FinTech Innovation Labs: Views from the Inside.

Participants are encouraged to join both IFID and its sister event the “Global Islamic Fintech Huddle,” organized by REDmoney Group, the foremost global provider of specialized Islamic financial media, and will take place at the Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay in the morning preceding IFID.